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Dear patients,

On the following pages we would like to introduce you to our medical practice. You can learn about our philosophy and the committed people behind our work. For us, our expertise is just as important as building a personal relationship with our patients. It is our goal to welcome you in a friendly, comforting and relaxed environment.

Our practice specialises in general internal and family physician medical care as well as cardiovascular diseases - cardiology and angiology - gastro-intestinal-hepatorenal diseases - gastroenterology and hepatology.

Dr. Schebek, Dr. Rupprecht and Dr. Thiel-Ritter are your family physician, while Dr. Gerstl and Dr. Thunert are specialist and look after assigned patients.

We would be pleased to inform you of our diagnostic and therapeutic services in a personal conversation.

Your Medical Practice Holzgerlingen Team

Dr. med. Alfred Schebek, Dr. med. Birgit Gerstl,

Dr. med. Cathrin Thunert, Dr. med. Markus Rupprecht,

Dr. med. Antje Thiel-Ritter



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Mo 09.00-11.00  15.00-18.00
Di 09.00-11.00  15.00-17.00 
Mi 09.00-11.00  16.00-18.00 
Do 09.00-11.00  16.00-18.00
Fr 09.00-11.00  15.00-17.00
und nach Vereinbarung
Mo - Do ab 16.00
Telefon für unseren Rezept- und Überweisungsanrufbeantworter: 
07031 / 74 78 29

Dr. Schebek, Dr. Gerstl,
Dr. Thunert, Dr. Rupprecht,       

Dr. Thiel-Ritter

Böblinger Straße 34

71088 Holzgerlingen

Telefon: 07031 / 74 78 0


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Gemeinschaftspraxis Dr. Schebek, Dr. Gerstl, Dr. Thunert, Dr. Rupprecht, Dr. Thiel-Ritter - Böblinger Straße 34 - 71088 Holzgerlingen - Tel.07031-74780